Pundora’s Box and Bad Jokes

During our time bullshitting and building destructive/ and dubious contraptions, we have assorted an admirable collection of terrible jokes, many of them pun-related. What follows is thus.

  • Everything not related to elephants is irrelephant.
  • Q: How many puns does it take to get to Pun Hell? A: Just pun.
  • “I have a theory, I think that there’s a massive object out there that attracts everything to it…”
    “Your wife?”
  • You can’t keep your momentum if you’re impulsive. (Physics joke, if that helps you nards out there)
  • Particle physics gives me a hadron. (stolen from XKCD phouroums)
  • The deeper you get into physics, the more it becomes like religion. (stolen from some lady from the Daily Show)
  • original cinnamon/synonym
  • planet of the grapes
  • I’m sorry deer, I’m breaking up with ewe.
  • “I interviewed the sun, he told me the future’s looking bright, I interviewed the rain and he told me the sun is truly an asshole. I was supposed to be interview the snow but, of course, he flaked…” – Aesop Rock, Skip Town.
  • I talked to Mr. Clean awhile ago, I asked him why he got rid of all his hair. He said it flaked one too many times.
  • “Hello ladies, look at your quarks, now back to me now back at your quarks, Sadly, they aren’t arranged to be me. But if they stopped submitting to the uncertainty principle they could seem like me. Look Down, now back up, Where are you, You’re in the large hadron collider with the man your quarks could imitate. What’s that in your hand? I have it! It’s the Higg’s boson! Look Again, the Boson is now a wormhole. Anything’s possible when your Quarks are arranged to be Gordon freeman. I’m on a Rail.” – Vennificus, highest-rated comment on this video
  • Anon1: I’ll take Anon2 & Anon3 too.
    Anon4: That’s what she said!
  • Jacob (eating a muffin): “I’m not really sure if it’s blueberry.”
    Matt: “It’s okay, you’re the experiment child.”
    Jacob: “That’s what my mom calls me!”
    Matt: “Really? My mom calls me ‘accident’.”
  • Christianity has over 3,000 different sects, but only one position. (linguistic joke, say it out if you don’t get it)

Bro puns, because life should always be pun

  1. Broverdose
  2. Brocaine
  3. Bromance
  4. Broverkill
  5. Brokay
  6. Brobama
  7. Broverrated
  8. Brotaku
  9. Browned
  10. Brosama Bin Laden
  11. Brover 9000
  12. Brocean
  13. Brollerskates
  14. Broseph
  15. Broverpriced
  16. Broatmeal
  17. BrOCD
  18. Brorgy
  19. Brotate
  20. Brotato
  21. Brotary
  22. Brorion’s Belt
  23. Broracle
  24. Bronate
  25. Brotorch
  26. Brobot
  27. Broboat
  28. GI Bro
  29. Brojan (courtesy of South Park)
  30. BroFo
  31. Brofile
  32. Carbrohydrates
  33. Brotein
  34. Brotalitarianism
  35. Bromar
  36. Brosiris
  37. Brotoss
  38. Brolitariate

Inside jokes and our attempt to alienate any possible readers

  1. Assume a frictionless environment…
  2. hi bitd
  3. Creamic Glass-Shatter
  4. Sunanth is always hungry
  5. Gumar the Barbarian/”Invading” stick (detachable)
  6. Backwards downhill sled prancing
  7. I’ve gotta convert. (Defecation/urination is a sin)
  8. Interesting = Intersting = Between sting.
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