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Obviously Himself (let’s just call him ‘Prick’ for cordiality) and I haven’t posted anything serious in some time, and I attribute this to relative business with the trebuchuck (Prick ought to edit some pictures in soon), Worms (vidjagame, although I can’t speak for Prick), Summertime drowse, and general contentedness. I don’t know about my nonexistent readers out there, but I have trouble writing when I’m not miserable and brooding. Thankfully, that will be returning as soon as the weather turns sour and the sun is slaughtered by an army of turgid clouds and tempestuous rainstorms. I also haven’t read lately, for similar reasons (I don’t read when I’m miserable, nor to be miserable, it’s simply a lot easier to turn on some music and play some Morrowind than turn on some music and make my way through 458 pages of text).

Tldr; I do hope to return to (serious, or, if I get better, non-serious) writing soon, and in the meantime, read Gunnerkrigg Court, it’s fantastic.

edit: Oh, that reminds me, our trebuchet finally made it all the way out to the fields and actually underwent some fairly promising (although technically unsuccessful) fires, wherein the water balloon ammunition launched at the proper angle and burst at the same time. Then the weight fell off, then we were kicked off what apparently is private property (the only field open and near enough to fire from, unfortunately), and then one of the wheels literally melted off a few yards from my house. It’s temporarily immobilized, but more importantly useless unless we can think of somewhere else to fire it from, now. So much for that; it was a good run. Rest In Pieces (soon, perhaps, literally), Treb. He may become my new bed frame.

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Okay, lot’sa stuff coming together soon:

  • Moving into college soon, September 19th is check in day for Western Oregon University.
  • Packing for college soon, before September 19th.
  • The drive to college soon, on September 19th.

Oh wait, that’s mostly just college. Shit. Well, there’s always blog news.

  • Pundora’s Box is good stuff, check it out on the navbar or with this link.
  • When I figure it out the blog’ll be linked up to the author’s Facebook accounts.
  • Probably gonna switch themes in a bit or maybe even custom design one. Email suggestions or random porn to No really, anything you want. Not my email address. If you want us to see it comment on this post.

That’s pretty much all, actually. Maybe a few more posts coming up, and “Poland” in Matt’s previous post is actually the Portland (OR) Audubon Society. Great place, visit it if you’re ever in the neighborhood.

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It’s Time to “Party”

Online translators are a wonderful tool for the language-incompetent, or simply as a means for two people who normally would think the other was speaking gibberish to communicate. They are also not perfect. Minor grammatical errors may arise from translation between similar languages, which may be magnified the more the translation is done to the same text. The real enjoyment comes when you translate two completely different languages repeatedly and compare the original text to the final. This humorous activity is better documented at Translation Party.

Actually, regardless of the nerdtalk it’s funny shit. Check it out.

Edit: Here is a good example of Translation Party at its finest.

Editedit: Here’s a fun one.

p.s. i’m listening to a band called neutral milk hotel and i love it

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Another Reason

Daft Punk’s ‘Around the World’

Aesop Rock’s ‘None Shall Pass’

Okay, now, here we go. I’m going to Hell for so many reasons already so I’ve got nothing to lose.

My brain absolutely lobes these songs.

I’m dying inside and I love it. Masochism be with me through my Hell.

All credit for uploading goes to the original uploaders, I’m just pointing a finger towards the greatness of the music.

I like it way better this way than just “listing” all the music I listen to. LIKE SOME PEOPLE WE ALL KNOW.

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As previously mentioned, I spend much of my free time listening to music. Here’s a short list of some of the stuff I like as of late. I expect Himself to come in and post follow-up links to contrast my poor taste.
Astronautalis – The Wondersmith and his Sons
Amon Tobin – Saboteur
Cecil Otter – Le Facteur
Dessa – Poor Atlas
Dj Okawari – Bluebird Story
Anathallo – The River
Emancipator – Anthem (great walking music)
Kashiwa Daisuke – Requiem (do not listen to without quality audio apparatus)
Mr. Lif – Live from the Plantation
Onra – Anthem (too damned short)
POS – POS is Ruining my Life
Paper Tiger – The Random
Prayers for Atheists – Wrong Horse (metal, in my hip-hop? It’s more likely than you think)
Sadistik – Playing God (produced by Emancipator, I think)
Prolyphic & Reanimator – Two Track Mind
Sebutones – Games (“is this a game, or is it real? … what’s the difference?”)
Zoe Keaton – Escape Artist
Buddy Wakefield – Convenience Stores

Have fun not listening. Note that I have at last managed to acquire a copy of the original Dune for reading. Next on the list, in maybe a year (Dune is huge), is For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Old Man and the Sea, and maybe Don Quixote, if so in its original Spanish (which will be agonizing, but good for my skills). Actual work and not just link pastage will go into Nationalism.
(talking to myself)

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Preface: Spent more time on this than normal, and plan on spending more. I like it a lot, and there’s more there to embellish upon: electing people who dislike you, the nature of a leader, complacency, culture versus nationalism. It could expand quite a bit if I let it get broader: as is it stays fairly to the point. Do not take this as an affront solely to America: since time immemorial people have been aligning themselves against others, usually under a government who aggregates them as one nation, with singular goals, when in reality the goals of the government are completely disconnected from the goals of the common person. Whatever the reason for our submittal to people who disrespect us and don’t care about our needs, it is solely our fault that we believe them when they say we are a nation aligned against another nation. The only excuse for hatred of another nation is ignorance and gullibility. Of course, thanks to taxes and the general stagnation of government (all good leaders are psychopathic), we passively support their policies anyway. I ramble… here’s the poem.


Nationalism is the division of humanity
I am not American, I am a human being.
There exist many divisors to separate us
but none so trivial as nationality divides us.
An imagined line on a cartographer’s scroll
makes us fight wars and kill over soil we don’t care for.
I will not give up my life for a land I was born on
I feel no allegiance to a namesake and bad government
I will not sponsor wars declared on all things foreign
because the only foreign devil I see is the president.
We all go fight a war that we don’t understand
we buy the mantra that they hate for what we stand
they begin to hate when we spread ours overseas
and the vicious cycle shatters what appeared to be peace.
It used to be that wars were always unpopular
and dictatorships oppressed revolts ’til they went bust
monarchies used brute force to keep the power
democracies use complacency and international mistrust.
The modern enemy is created by a caricaturist
or, as we progress, a computer 3-D modelist,
it has no basis in reality, evil is who they declare
historic winners creating new challengers out of thin air.
When the only concern was hunger and protection
it could be excused to band together under guided direction
when Vikings raided for mere glory and raped all the women
well, hell, even that is violence thanks to nationalistic division.
We can’t keep justifying and even taking pride in
what is the cause of every major war that wasn’t started by religion
and yet the longer nationalism goes it becomes ever more the motivation
at least with religion there are reasons beyond ignorance and arbitrary schisms.
Every war ever fought leaves both parties in disarray
and stereotypes cause misery and lead our youth astray
and yet we have billions of people who cheer on their country
as if their growing rift was a desirable distancing from the enemy.
When will you wake up and understand the truth?
Your overseas neighbors are exactly like you!
They call themselves different and may not speak your language,
but they all have a soul, just like yours, that feels bliss and anguish,
and it doesn’t belong to a flag or regime or whoever claims their culture
it belongs to a well that goes deep and feeds every stream and river
that is humanity, it all stems from one,
and yet we perpetuate this falsity that claims inherent differences from inception?
When we are birthed we are all equal, new, a blank slate,
our common genetic structure and humble, innocent state,
and from that moment on we strive to prove we are unique inside
and in the traditional human way we also deride those we grow unlike.
We find innumerable ways that we are different instead of similar
we highlight outcasts, alienate those perceived as lesser
and this is merely within our culture
if you’re different and foreign you’re a devil
because we can’t respect or trust what’s strange and unfamiliar:
This is the true nature of the human character.
And we take it one step further,
we create imaginary boundaries,
we cling to a geopolitical fervor
and fear and hate those outside its border.
The further this unnatural divide separates the human condition
the bigger governments grow,
the worse freedom sickens,
the more poverty gaps widen,
the higher discriminatory ceilings heighten,
until we’re all on our own and within our nation we are pond scum.
Humanity bands together, naturally, a social animal
we like to communicate and live for eachother,
it’s a survival tactic common amongst mammals
it makes life worth living and not such a bother.
But we also like to loathe and incriminate others
we huddle close and are suspicious of outsiders,
some of us are arrogant and think we’re better than anyone
and seek to prove it with violence and verbal venom
and it is these born leaders who kill and maim for dominance
who march us onward into battle and into international prominence.
They invent crimes and propagandize against a peaceful land
or merely want to defend us from an individual from another clan
and send us to die from easy chairs and watch the carnage unfold
as they profit and laugh ’til tears at the rising death tolls.
The notion that we belong to these devils whom we elect
(which is another story to which I refuse to digress) [later]
is preposterous and based only on an idea, not a fact,
that we owe ourselves to where we’re born
and must unite against the rest of the world.
We must recognize that we are not who they say
and must not revel in our city or our state
we must, as a whole, unite in a new way
against those who would lead us into the fray for their own gain.
It is time we shed our anthems, flags and discord
terminate spies, diplomats and intelligence reports,
do away with demarcation lines and great dividing walls
and make use of easy travel to reconnect us all.
If we could all just look into the eyes of our international neighbors
and see that they are more like us than our politicians and managers
maybe we could at last enjoy and embrace our diversity
without directing our frustration at another country
the problem lies within, within us and within our governments,
so learn to love thy neighbor and be an activist against intolerance.

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This is by far the earliest writing of mine that I’ve been able to find, it’s not particularly good, but in my defense I was a sophomore in high school when I did this. Anyway, two paragraph long short stories for your ‘enjoyment’.

As the Moon wakes in the evening she begins her graceful walk, thinking thoughts of purest heart as she strolls slowly across the void. When she reaches the center of the void she pauses briefly to look down upon the earth, smiling as pure moonlight shines back at her from the glassy surface of a lake. As she continues her astral stroll something catches her eye; a girl, smiling calmly as she bathes in purest moonlight. Slowly, the girl opens her eyes and looks directly into the Moon’s own; in those eyes she sees a soul as pure as the moonlight that shone off the girl’s pale skin. The Moon smiled, a smile one can only get from giving one a deserved gift; in a soft voice she murmured seven words in a language as old as time itself. Contented, the moon turned back to her path and began to stroll on, into the still starry night. Soon, at the end of her night’s journey, the Moon glanced back over the void to see if her brother had yet woken; though it was yet early and his journey had not yet come far, she could see the faint hints of sunlight that hailed his coming. As the Moon slowly slipped away from her across the night sky the girl gave a small sigh, she was always sad when the Moon slipped behind the mountains and out of her view…

The Immortal
She smiles to herself as she walks slowly through to twilight forest. Her attire is unusual for one walking through a forest: a cloth wrapped around her shoulders and torso and fastened in the front, a sleeveless shirt, a knee length skirt, and a pair of sandals; all of it, except for the sandals, made from a silken cloth. Surprisingly, even after hours of being in the forest her clothes seemed to be completely spotless. After a time she reaches a small clearing centered around a single tall tree—a huge tree much like a Giant Sequoia, but with the single difference of being seemingly made of stone—as she nears the tree she looks up into its branches, seeing that the lowest branch is no less than twenty feet off the ground she smiles. She takes a few short steps into a graceful leap; and, defying every law of existence, makes it onto the lowest branch.

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Muntadhar al-Zaidi

The guy needs more attention. He’s a hero for the Iraqi people, by any standard except that of the guerilla fanatics fighting for the Taliban; he’s championed the protection and care of children and women displaced by the war effort, and he was the man who famously threw both of his shoes at Bush near the end of his terms in a press conference in Iraq. Wikipedia has more information about him. I respect him immensely, and if ever I meet someone who preaches Iraqi depravity and our just cause I will point in his direction. I also really want to throw my shoe at someone.

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Flowers for Algernon Ruminations

Just finished reading Flowers for Algernon, a very good book. I was surprised when my parents told me they had read it as part of the required curriculum when they were in school: I didn’t realize it was that well-known. I may watch the movie, assuming the library has a copy of it. Up next is A Scanner Darkly, and then, if there are available copies, Catch-22 or Dune. There’s some nice little commentary in Flowers about reading quality, television, and ‘windows’ staring out into life. The mentally-impaired Charlie only looks out at life through a window; before the operation, this is a literal window, and after it, it’s the television. I can relate: I have relatives who often seem to live vicariously through television and cinema personalities’ lives. Anyhow, excellent book, I recommend it to all my 0.3 readers.
The book mentioned Milton’s Paradise Lost a few times as one of the genius Charlie’s favorite pieces of literature (I will have to read that, one day). It got me thinking, tangentially, about the validity of “high-fiction” or “high-fantasy” as literature. Milton’s poem is a fantastic work exploring the nature of Heaven and Hell, angels and demons, God and Satan, etc., and from my perspective, at least, that is fiction. But it is ludicrous to say that because Milton’s work isn’t grounded in reality, it is meaningless. Too often, I think, works are only taken seriously if they are presented from a realistic viewpoint. The more fantastic something gets, the less it is appreciated by the intellectual community. Medieval, futuristic, magical, and alien worlds are not devoid of meaning. My reigning example of this is C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia (I imagine Dune would qualify, too, but I’ve yet to read it), which, despite being primarily an entertaining romp, proposed some legitimately thought-provoking ideas to my young mind when I first read them. I learned to question (or doubt) the barrier between human and animal; I questioned the value of maturity and the difference between a child and an adult; I was exposed to the idea that all religions have the same God, regardless of namesake. Despite the imaginative setting, Lewis’ works managed to be thematically significant.
This is popularly recognized, but in a perverse way. Religious fiction, rather than fiction in general, is the exception generally accepted as valid. We read the Odyssey as a triumphant epic, but we dismiss the Lord of the Rings as mere medieval fun. In my vein of dadaist thinking (see Meaninglessness), I propose that everything be given the chance to be meaningful no matter its setting.

This, as I said, is all just a tangent I wanted to get out of my head to actively interact a little with the book I had just read. It’s hard to do that on one’s own – even harder than in a discussion group in class.

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