Hillary Clinton Preaches Free Speech as Silent Protester is Drug Away

Queue the generic title! This is the first thing that really animated me in a long time. It isn’t often I get legitimately angry at something (anger is too mainstream), but the blatant, flawless irony and hypocrisy on display here baffled me. The Huffington Post interviewed the victim, Ray McGovern, a retired CIA veteran, and made Clinton and the government look even worse than they already did. I suggest you take the time out to at least watch the video and understand what happened. It’s appalling to think that the government gets away with things like this on a regular basis, and frightening. On a related note, in a frantic attempt to convince my friend that the video and story was, indeed, ‘real’ shortly after the story broke, I tried to back up a slightly dubious site with another, more professional one. This turned out to be the Iranian national news website (it was, despite everything else, professional). Oh, irony.

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