Leaving for college soon the both of us are.
I lied, haven’t felt like posting still, or more specifically haven’t felt like writing. I’ve had fleeting ideas occasionally, and certainly no desire to go back to finishing anything else I’ve already written, which is a shame. Because I still don’t feel like actually spewing more word-vomit out of my fingertips, I will again pitch some of my favorite things, this time not music but webcomics. Have I mentioned I’m a nerd? If not, check the terrible jokes section, there are physics puns.


  1. Boxer Hockey (the anti-gay-joke bair)
  2. Cyanide & Happiness (one of the most consistently-updated comics out there)
  3. GG-guys (barely touched this one)
  4. Looking for Group (I really haven’t read this one in ages. I dunno if I’ll catch up on it or not, but it’s extremely long)
  5. Penny Arcade (if I have a daughter, her name will be Ann so her nickname can be Annarchy [okay maybe not])
  6. VGCats (& Super Effective!) – good
  7. xkcd (new ones aren’t so noteworthy, but used to be a very smart comic)
  8. Concerned: The Half-Life & Death of Gordon Frohman (also check out the youtube machinima “Freeman’s Mind”), completion of HL2 unnecessary
  9. Perry Bible Fellowship (no, they don’t want to tell you the good word)
  10. Oglaf (generally not safe for work, though this one is)
  11. Dinosaur Comics (yeah! props to Everardo)
  12. Gunnerkrigg Court (as previously seen elsewhere on the blag)
  13. Questionable Content (I have barely even checked this one out. I think the art gets better as it goes)
  14. diesel sweeties (12-bit robots, how generic)
  15. pictures for sad children (paul who is a ghost who is on a plane)
  16. Hark, a vagrant (Jules Vern meets Edgar Allen)
  17. Technically I should plug ctrl+alt+del so long as LFG is up there, but I didn’t. Try hitting ctrl+alt+del yourself, twice to be sure, with a good delay inbetween the two, and the page should come up.

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